Worried About Family Changing Funeral Plans? Pre-Plan And Make It Legally-Binding

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Family members often think they know what is best for a deceased loved one's funeral and may meddle in their affairs after they pass. To avoid this situation, it is important to create a pre-plan that is legally binding and unbreakable.

Understanding What To Include In The Plan

A good funeral plan should indicate everything to include in the funeral. In this way, it is possible to create a situation in which preferences are honored without a family being able to change them. Items to have in funeral plan include:

  • The type of body preparation preferred
  • Where the funeral service will be held (including at a private home, church, or funeral home)
  • The nature of the visitation and who to invite
  • Events to include (such as after parties or even celebrations)
  • If a wake is necessary
  • The religious service required, if any
  • Who will preside over the funeral
  • Pallbearers at the funeral
  • Prayers, eulogies, and who will deliver them
  • Music played at the funeral
  • Secondary options for all the above

Failure to notate all of these items precisely in a funeral plan will make it more likely that these important preferences will be adjusted or even ignored by family members. However, funeral wishes are worth nothing if they are not written in a legally-binding form.

Get Everything Down In Legally-Binding Terms

After getting everything down that is important for the funeral, it is important to make what is known as a funeral directive or a "disposition of remains" document. What is this document? It is a legally-binding item that will make funeral wishes impossible to counteract by family members who may want to change the terms. In this way, it is possible to get exactly what is wanted for a funeral.

A good funeral directive needs to be written with a lawyer and signed by the person making the document and a legal notary to assure that it will hold up in court. Getting it done with a lawyer will make sure there are no loopholes that can be taken advantage of by well-meaning family members who think they know what is best.

Letting The Family Know

After coming up with a legally binding document detailing funeral wishes, it is important to talk about it with family members. They not only need to know about the plans, but should know where to find them. Good funeral wishes and plans should be stored somewhere that is easy for everyone to find, such as in a desk where papers are stored.

A copy of the funeral plan should also be sent to the funeral director of the home who will execute the orders. They should understand the different flowers, music, and other important aspects of the plan. Good funeral homes, such as Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel, will take care of the planning and execution of these details anyway, making it crucial to work hand-in-hand with them during this difficult time.