Tips For Pre-Planning A Graveside Service

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When you are pre-planning your own burial services, you may choose to have a graveside service after a traditional funeral, or it can stand on its own as the sole memorial service. A graveside service allows your loved ones to gather around the site where you will be buried. Also, the casket is typically present for the entire service, or it will be after the pallbearers bring it to the site at the start of the service. Here are some essential tips for pre-planning your graveside service.

Tip #1: Keep in Mind That Less Is More at a Graveside Service

While people may sit for a long time at a traditional indoor funeral, a graveside service is typically much shorter. If it is held in the extreme heat of summer or frigid cold of winter, staying long in the outdoors for the graveside service can be uncomfortable for guests. Therefore, plan a short service if you are opting for a graveside service. That puts less pressure on those who you want to speak at your memorial service, since they typically only need to make a brief statement at the graveside as opposed to the longer speeches that would be expected during regular funerals.

Tip #2: Specify What You Want in Terms of Floral Arrangements

For graveside services, you may choose to only have one floral arrangement on top of the casket. Alternately, you can welcome flowers as usual that are usually arranged over the grave after burial. Another option is to request no flowers and simply request that people donate to a charity or other fundraising endeavor in lieu of flowers. That option is more popular than ever. The great thing about pre-planning your services is that you can choose to have every aspect of the service exactly as you want it, including how flowers are displayed.

Tip #3: When Money Is an Issue, Choose a Stand-Alone Graveside Service

Although a graveside service can be a part of a series of memorial services that include a traditional indoor funeral, you may opt to only have one service, the graveside service, if money is an issue. Since you don't require the services of as many staff and the rental space for a traditional chapel funeral, you may be able to save a bit. Keep in mind that these won't be groundbreaking results so, if money isn't a big issue, this shouldn't be a very big factor.

Finally, keep in mind that a graveside service offers a variety of beautiful benefits for mourners who can say good-bye at the final resting place where you will be buried. Trust your instincts and choices about the graveside service. Make sure that your closest loved ones are aware of your final plans and how to carry them out. For more information, contact companies like DiPonzio Funeral Home Inc.