Four Steps To Planning Your Own Funeral

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Regardless of your age, it is never too early to start planning your estate and making end-of-life arrangements. One thing that will be of great help to your loved ones is planning your own funeral. Here are some steps to follow when you are interested in making your own funeral arrangements.

Consult a Local Funeral Director

The first thing you need to do is choose a local funeral home and speak to the funeral director. They will help guide you through the funeral pre-planning process. They will help show you different caskets and burial plots, let you know what services you can pay for now, and which ones you need to include in the funeral planning packet you put in your will. Some details won't be paid for ahead of time, but you can include details about which services you want included, keeping your family members from choosing different details about the service.

Choose the Type of Service You Want

Once you have been in contact with a funeral director, you will then be able to start making some decisions. You should begin with the types of service you want. The basic decision is to choose between cremation and a traditional burial service. Keep in mind that even if your remains are cremated, your family can still have a funeral service; it just won't include a burial. You may also have special preferences, such as not wanting a wake or viewing before or after the funeral service, or want certain songs or poems to be included during the funeral. You may have a favorite relative you would like to give the eulogy.

Pay For What You Can

Once you know what type of funeral service you want, you will know what to purchase. For example, you may want to start looking at available plots at nearby cemeteries and choose a specific plot to purchase. You can purchase multiple ones in the same area if you would like to be buried near your relatives. You may also want to select a casket. This keeps your family from having to make such a big decision and allows them to avoid this expense. The casket might end up being one of the most expensive things to pay for, so it can be very beneficial to them.

Choose How Your Ashes Should be Dealt With

If you would prefer being cremated, which many people do, you can also add your preferences of how to spread your ashes. You might prefer being kept it an urn for a relative's home and actually purchase that urn now. You can also choose your favorite beach, lake, or other location where you want your ashes to be spread. Make sure what you want is very specific in the instructions so your relatives know what it is you were hoping to have following your passing. Click here to learn more about paying funeral expenses.