4 Questions To Ask Mourners At A Cremation Service

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When you are preparing a eulogy for a cremation service, you may soon find it challenging to complete if you are simply writing a direct life story to read for several minutes. No matter how exciting the person's life was or how much the attendees of a cremation service may love the person, they may get a little restless during a long eulogy.

You can add extra pizzazz to the eulogy by asking questions of your fellow mourners who are attending the memorial service. By asking questions that relate the person's life to their own, you can help guests get more out of the service and better remember your loved one at the same time. Consider asking one or two of these questions during the eulogy.

Ask: What is the best thing the lost loved one did for you?

This question encourages attendees to remember the deceased person in the best light, while also focusing on a specific positive memory. It may encourage people to better assess how kind they are to others, since it may leave them wanting to also leave a similar positive impact.

Ask: Which things can you choose to do to live more fully?

There is nothing like death to bring about an increased awareness of the preciousness of life, and it can also make people realize that time is limited. There are only so many opportunities to choose to have a good day. Posing this question to the audience can encourage them to make careful choices and live life more fully each day.

Ask: What can you do keep the person's memory alive?

It's important for people to take the memories of the loved one with them far beyond the cremation service. By asking how the guests plan to keep the person's memory alive, it may inspire them to take a better look at themselves and how they can pay the kindnesses forward in memory of your lost loved one.

Ask: How would you like your own eulogy to read?

Asking what people would want said during their own eulogy can be a big wake-up call for some people. They may know certain things that they would never want said about them after their death, so assessing the changes they need to make in their life to ultimately earn a eulogy that would make them proud.

Finally, keep in mind that asking questions during a eulogy is simply another way to help your fellow mourners look at their grief. It also helps them assess their own life and the choices they have made that have shaped their lives so far. When you ask these questions, you can help empower fellow mourners to live life to the fullest and examine ways they can continue to improve. Talk to the service provider, like American Cremation Society, for more help.