Questions To Ask When Helping A Loved One Choose Music For Their Funeral

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Planning one's own funeral is not going to be easy, but it is the right thing to do for most people. If your loved one asks you to help them with the monumental task of planning their funeral, you should be honored that they trust you with such sensitive life decisions. Take it seriously and try to help them make choices that honor their life and final wishes. If your loved one wants help choosing music for their funeral, ask them the following questions to help them make the best musical choices for their memorial service.

Ask: Which Song Includes Lyrics That Describe How You'd Like to Be Remembered?

Everyone has a certain way that they would like others to view them. That often comes out in how someone represents themselves on social media and in their everyday behavior. This public persona should capture who the person truly is, too. They may opt to choose a song that represents how they want to be remembered. Positive, upbeat pop tunes will be the perfect choice for some people, while others prefer ballads with a message they want to share. Help your loved one choose a song that accurately reflects the message that they would like to leave behind to their loved ones about life or some of the important aspects of it.

Ask: Which Song Would Convey How Much You Love Those Closest to You?

Although a funeral is a memorial service to honor the life of your loved one who is pre-planning it, it will also serve to comfort those who will be mourning the loss of the person. When your loved one chooses songs to convey their feelings for those who are left behind, they may be able to take enormous comfort in that. Encourage the person to have someone read a few words at the funeral about the significance of the song and why it expresses the person's feelings.

Ask: What is a Song That Has Meant the Most to You Throughout Your Life?

Someone's favorite song for the moment may not be a wise choice for a funeral service, but a song that has been consistently beloved through the years can reveal so much about someone. Ask your loved one about the music that has the greatest meaning, and suggest that they examine which songs have influenced their life the most. They may choose to play the song at their funeral or plan to have it performed by others. Sometimes planning to have a musician they know perform the song can make it even more meaningful.

Finally, keep in mind that your loved one may be nervous during the funeral planning process. Whether they are facing these decisions out of fear for their own mortality or it is likely to be decades away, you can help them face these decisions with fewer worries by being there for them while they choose music for the funeral. To learn more about funeral planning, contact a company like FitzGerald-Sommer Funeral Home